Live To Be: A "Living Above" Approach to Life

This program helps youth discover their unique path, free from the use of drugs or alcohol.

Temptations are everywhere and decisions are constantly creating each person's unique path in life. The veins of those decisions can make a person feel lost, doubtful, hopeless, or create confusion, which is then influenced by what their peers may say. In the attempt to "live above" they will keep better focus on the end goals they create for themselves.

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Live To Be shares a positive focus with youth and encourages them to achieve the goals they have created with a strong sense of accomplishment along the way. With the help of country-music singer Jared Blake (NBC's The Voice semi-finalist, Season 1, the Live To Be program was established with the goal to meet the growing needs of today's youth to find their unique path, free from the use of drugs or alcohol.  

The program is directly affecting the lives of both children and parents. These appearances, public speaking, and live concerts promote a healthy, fun, cool, and self-respectful way to live.

Live To Be recently partnered with TN SRO’s statewide to bring Jared into TN public schools and create a greater awareness of officers and their direct connection to students and their community. Find out more about the Tennessee Public Safety Network and how you can get involved:

This video was captured by Polson, Montana's own producer, David King.

In 2016, Live To Be was brought to Montana schools by 501c3 group, Bikers Against Bullies USA to face real-life issues they were having from elementary students to high school age teens. Jared Blake spent a week visiting state schools affecting the lives of thousands of students. Messages flooded in from students proud of their achievements, humbled at the moments shared together, and many troubled kids who now seemed hopeful and gained a desire to achieve a better life.  

Jared and BABUSA's "Flash" rode motorcycles into the gymnasiums, threw free goodies to the students, and hosted mini-concerts along with their anti-drug, alcohol, and bullying messages.  Jared Blake also performed several concerts to raise money for the continued efforts of Bikers Against Bullies USA. Find out more about the Bikers Against Bullies USA:


Please visit our education partner S.A.F.E. online or call 1-888-615-1658 today for help and information about drugs, alcohol, effects and treatment resources:


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